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Non Consignor Volunteer Sign Up CLICK HERE

Consignor Volunteer Sign Up

     We are very thankful for all of our volunteers.  Our sales are a success because of YOU!

Why Volunteer?

     Spring 2019 Volunteer Incentives

          All volunteers shop FIRST at our Preview Sale Wednesday, February 20th starting at 3pm

          The more you volunteer, the more you can earn:
               Earn 65% of your sales for NO volunteer hours
               Earn 70% of your sales for volunteering for at least 4 hours
               Earn 72% of your sales for volunteering for at least 8 hours
               Earn 75% of your sales for volunteering for at least 10 hours

          Volunteer shifts are fun and rewarding - Make new friends and help the community while doing so!

Who Can Volunteer?

     In addition to all of our consignors, spouses, parents and responsible teenage children of a registered  
     consignor are welcome to volunteer at our sale.
     Hours earned will count toward the consignor's totals!                                                                            Sign ups must be done in advance by clicking here for non-consignor volunteer sign up.
     Drop in's will not be accepted and will not count toward your volunteer hours.

     Not a consignor, but want to help with the event?  We would love to have you join us! Click Here to get      registered and sign up for shifts

     Do you have a HIGH SCHOOLER who needs community service hours?  Responsible teenage children          can earn necessary community service hours by assisting us in sorting shifts on Saturday, February
     23rd from 2pm-6pm.  We are happy to sign off on completed hours!  Click Here to get registered and
     sign up for the "High Schooler Help" shift

When Can I Volunteer?

     Shifts are scheduled in two hour time-slots throughout the sale

     Shifts cannot be inclusive of your drop off time and or pick up time
          For example, if you are scheduled to work a shift on drop off day you will need to arrive early to go
          through the drop off process prior to beginning your shift
     Our busiest time is drop-off and pick-up.  Please consider a shift during these times

     Behind the Scenes
          There are a few flyer distribution shifts available on a first come first served basis. Please contact
          us for inquiries at 

What Can I Expect?

     Upon arrival, sign in at the front desk to get your assignment
     Be sure to dress casually and comfortably.  You may get dusty and dirty
     There is a refrigerator onsite available for your use

     Bottled water will be available as well as an ice machine

     We are a fun, friendly group and enjoy getting to know each other!  Be ready to make new friends and
     have a good time while helping others!

Important Requirements During Your Shift

     Please make arrangements for childcare during your shift

     Sign in and out at the front desk to ensure you get credit for hours volunteered.  In the case of a
     discrepancy, this log will be used for the final determination by The Kid's Sale

     You must work and remain onsite for your entire shift to get credit for the hours

     Please no phone calls or constant texting during your shift.  If you need to do so, please take a break        outside

     No hiding or stashing items during your shift.  We will restock them.  Please purchase items or leave
     them with us at the front desk with your name on them

     During sorting shifts, please adhere to your assignment.  No sorting and checking of your own items
     until your assignment is complete

     Sorry, no guests allowed during the volunteer presale.  This sale is especially for you!

     Absentee Policy
          In the event that a volunteer cannot cover a scheduled shift, all attempts will be made by the
          volunteer to find a replacement to fulfill their commitment

          Failure to cover your shift may result in no future sale participation

          A fine of up to 5% of your sales per hour missed (not to exceed 25% of consignors earnings) may
          be imposed and deducted from total earnings.  This is at the discretion of The Kid’s Sale and Three
          Little Wonders LLC

     Our sign up system will be disabled once the sale begins
          We welcome you to inquire about shift sign ups after this time by contacting us via email at

          If you need to swap shifts we will do our best to accommodate you.   Please contact us via email at


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