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Consignor Information">Consignor Information

We are excited that you are interested in joining our consignor family!  The Kids Sale is proud to host local, hometown events that offer our community a place to Consign, Shop, and Save

Fall Sale Consignor Fact Sheet CLICK HERE

Consignor Home Page Login CLICK HERE    

Pricing Email/Tips CLICK HERE


Why Should I Consign?

     Save Time
          No more continuous posting and responding in online groups and websites
          No more uncomfortable meetups that frequently end in no shows
          No more  frustration from resale shops
          No more wasting hours manning a garage sale
          At the Kids Sale you have One Drop Off and One Pick Up
          We take care of the venue, the advertising, and sales 
          Still not sure?  Try our Valet Service (details below)

     Save Money
          Convert outgrown and unused items cluttering your closets into cash
          Earn a minimum of 65% of your sales.  Volunteer and increase that percentage!
          You determine the price of your items.  No haggling or lowball offers
          Trade up your items to meet the needs of your growing family at bargain prices
          SHOP EARLY Consignor presale entry begins at 4pm on Wednesday, February 20

     Help Our Community
          Consignment events assist local families to find quality, gently used items at affordable prices
          Recycling your items in this way gives them new life and keeps them out of landfills
          Choose to donate some or all of your unsold items to our sponsored local charity


How Do I Consign?

     Consigning is easy, rewarding and fun!  Here's how to Clean Up, Clear Out, and Cash In:
          1.) Register           Receive or Reinstate your consignor number and password
          2.) Fee & Agree     During registration you will be prompted to pay the non refundable $12
                                      consignor fee via paypal and agree to the seller contract
          3.) Collect             Gather and organize
          4.) Price                Enter and price items in our online inventory system
          5.) Tag                  Print and attach your tags
          6.) Drop-off           Take your items to the venue during drop-off hours
          7.) Payment          Receive your check and enjoy your earnings. All consignors earn 65% of their 
                                      sales.  Volunteer and increase that percentage up to 75% 

What Can I Consign?

     The Kid's Sale focuses on QUALITY not QUANTITY.  We welcome all of your new and gently used items
     such as:
            Children's Clothing     Teen's Clothing     Women's Clothing     DVD's     Toys     Books

            Games                       Puzzles                Video Games           Baby Gear           Bikes

            Accessories               Ride On Toys         Outdoor Toys           Sports Equipment

            Shoes                       Costumes             Small Furniture         Home Décor        Dancewear

            Craft Sets                 Nursery Items       Swimwear                Learning materials  and More!

What Can't I Consign?

Used Undergarments     Drop Side Rail Cribs     Any Recalled Items     VHS Tapes     Food

           Used Socks                  Open Pacifiers              Formula                     Used Baby Bottles

          Damaged Items            Battery Operated Toys without Working Batteries     Used Cloth Diapers

          Car Seats More Than 3 Years Old     Items That May Include Lead     Flea Market Wares

                                   Items that are Better Suited for Immediate Donation
   It is the seller's responsibility to ensure their items are not recalled by checking

The Fall Sale Schedule:
     Tuesday, September 17th 11:59pm.  System for consignor entries locked                                                                                                                                                                                                              Wednesday, September 18th
8am-12:30pm Consignor dropoff         
3pm Helper Pre-Sale entry          
4pm Consignor Pre-Sale entry
5pm New Mom and Teacher Pre-Sale entry
8pm Close

day, September 19th 
9am-7pm  Open to the Public

     Friday, September 20th
           9am-7pm  Open to the Public

Saturday, September 21st
8am - 3pm  Open to the Public.  Select items 50% off                                                                      
3pm - 6:30pm   Sort and Break Down.   Only those helping during this time may enter

          6:30pm-8pm  Consignor pick up.   All items not picked up by 8:01pm will be loaded for donation.                                                                                                                                                                         If you change your mind and choose to donate items that were not sold, please let us know via text           or email



          We will be communicating updates, news, tips, and other important information to our consignors
          throughout the season via email and Facebook

          Please be sure to check your email, spam folders, etc for our emails on a regular basis

          Our Facebook Page The Kids Sale of Windermere will also contain helpful information! 



          Click here to register as a Returning Consignor

          Click here to register as a New Consignor

          Returning Consignors
               Your inventory from the prior sale may be reactivated for the current sale

               No need to color code tags this season.  If you are re-activating inventory items that have color
               coded tags, no need to re-print.  Leave them as is

               Please review your reactivated inventory for accuracy and delete any items you will not sell in
               the current sale

               If you have not sold or adjusted an item in the past two years, it will be automatically deleted

               If you make any changes to your item, you must reprint and retag - No written changes


          New Consignors
               Follow the prompts to receive your personal consignor number.  You will keep this number for
               all subsequent sales so be sure to keep it handy

               All work is done through your Consignor Homepage after logging in

               The Activities Menu drop down will allow you to choose "Work With Consigned Inventory" where
               you can

                    Enter and adjust your inventory
                    Print tags
                    View and print inventory reports
                    See your sales each night

          Valet Service

                            VALET SERVICE FOR THE FALL 2019 SALE IS CURRENTLY FULL
                  Want to consign but feel short on time?  Let us do the work for you!  Here's how:
                    Contact us via email to inquire about Valet Tagging at
                    Register as a new or returning consignor after you receive confirmation from us.                                      Pay $12 registration fee and $10 valet fee during registration
                    Collect your items following the "Collect" guidelines below
                    Arrange for drop-off with us
                    We will price, hang, tag, and prepare your items
                    When we are done, we will arrange for you to pick up your items
                    Drop off your items during the scheduled consignor drop-off time
                    Pick up your unsold items during the scheduled consignor pick-up time
                    With Valet Service you will earn 50% of your sales
                    Valet Service is on a first come, first serve basis.  Openings are limited.
                    Number of items above 300 will require an additional $10 valet fee to be paid.  

               Contact us at any time with questions - we are here to help!

     Fee and Agree

          Your $12 non refundable consignor fee will be processed upon registration via paypal

          Please take the time to read the details in the Seller and Helper Agreement Contract during

          Clean out those closets, toyboxes, playrooms, garages and bookshelves.  Items should be:

               Clean and free from stains, tears, holes or excessive wear
               In CURRENT styles, brands, characters, themes
               Contain all pieces - Please check all games and puzzles before tagging!!
               Have fresh batteries
               Safe and in working order
               Not on any recall list
               Be Quality items you would consider purchasing

               Home Décor includes:
                   Current trends and styles only
                   Wall Art and Frames
                   Shelf Décor
                   Small furniture items
                   Decorative pillows
                   Small Appliances
                   Kitchen items

               Home Décor does NOT include:
                   Vacation mementos
                   Outdated décor
                   Outdated holiday items
                   Flea market wares
                   Mismatched kitchen items
                   Generic glass vases
                   High value, precious antiques


                Item Limits  
                   There is a limit of 350 clothing items per consignor
                   Total item limit is 500 per consignor
          If you have any question on what is included please contact us at   


          While it may seem daunting, pricing your items is simple with our online inventory system

          We want you to have a successful sale and earn a lot of cash, so we urge you to price your items to
          sell.  Think of sales, coupons, clearance, and outlet prices.  Our shoppers are eager to find bargains
          and will make a lot of purchases when they do!  Overpricing and not participating in discount day              are the top two reasons for low 

          When entering your item please use a detailed description to assist us in matching lost tags with
          items and to ensure tags are not switched by dishonest people.

          If you plan on donating, you must mark your item as discount. Give them the chance to sell!

          This pricing guide from our friends at Consignment Mommies is a very helpful tool 

               Sunday's sale is 50% off select items.  If you would like your items to be sold at half price,
               check the Discount box.  

               We highly recommend discounting as this gives your items a great chance at selling the busiest
               time! Some of our shoppers come specifically for discount day!  Don't encourage them to choose
               discounted items over your regular priced items. Make your pickup pile

               We are thrilled to be help you help our local community in need.   Our consignor family has
               given truckloads of items to local charities!

               If you would like to donate any unsold item at the end of the sale, check the donate box.  We
               will take care of the rest.

               All items marked donate MUST also be marked discount

               Immediately after the close of the sale, these items will be picked up by the current sale's
               charity partner

               The system will close promptly at 11:59pm on Tuesday, September 17th.  You will no longer
               be able to make changes or add inventory after this time.  You WILL still be able to print tags.

          Item Limits
There is a limit of 350 clothing items per consignor.                                                                                Valet Consignors 300 item limit.  Additional fee of $10 will be required for items over 300
               Total item limit is 500 per consignor


          You can print tags as you go, or at the end of your pricing.  It is up to you!  Scroll below for                       guidelines for different types of items

          All tags must be printed on white cardstock in fresh black ink.  Please check tags while you print as
          faded barcodes will not scan.

          Handwritten tags will not be accepted.  Only printed tags with barcodes may be used.

          If you make any changes to an item in your inventory, including discount or donate, you MUST
          reprint and retag.  

          When tagging and preparing all of your items, make them "childproof".  Packing tape, ziplock bags,           plastic wrap, zip ties...  Secure, Secure... then Secure some more!  

          Tagging Supply List

                White Cardstock
                Hangers (all clothing items must be on hangers.  Onesies, bibs, socks may be in ziplock bags)
                Ziplock Bags

                Safety Pins
                Tagging Gun (find great buys on Ebay and Amazon)
                Packing Tape/Painters Tape
                Zip Ties
                Laundry products
                Fresh batteries for toys if needed

           Tagging Clothing
                    All clothing items must be on hangers (including pants, skirts, shorts, etc)

                   Onesies, Bibs and new socks/undergarments may be placed in ziplock bags sealed with 
                   packing tape

                   Hang each item so the hanger looks like a question mark  ?
                   Make sure your item is secure on the hanger.  Use safety pins if needed to ensure they don't                     fall off

                   Tag each item with a silver safety pin on the outer side of the hanger (when looking at 
                   your item on the hanger it would be on the top right side.

                   If you are using a Tagging Gun, please tag in a seam under the armpit or on the clothing
                   item's tag at the neck for tops and dresses or the back of the pants

             Tagging Shoes
                    Secure together with a zip tie, heavy string, or a ziplock bag that is sealed shut with clear
                    packing tape

                    Attach the tag to the zip tie or string, tape it to the ziplock bag, or inside the heel of the shoe
                    with clear packing tape
              Tagging Toys/Books/Games
                    Secure tags with clear packing tape or blue painter's tape on damageable items

                    PLEASE check all games and puzzles to ensure it contains all the correct pieces!

                    Any loose pieces must be placed in a ziplock bag that is sealed shut with packing tape only.
                    This is to ensure the pieces stay with your toy and are not played with and lost 

                    Some consignors use clear plastic wrap to secure puzzles and games with loose pieces 

                    Secure these bags to your toy with zip ties or more packing tape.  Make sure they cannot
                    easily come off your toy or be opened

                    Please note:  MANY little ones accompany our families to our events.  While we try our best
                    to monitor playing, we cannot babysit your items.   Our best advice is to make your toys
                    childproof!  Secure.. Secure... then Secure some more!
                    We will not be responsible for any lost pieces or items

              Tagging All Other Items

                    Tag should be secured on a flat part of your item if possible

                    Ensure that your tag will not fall off using either clear packing tape, blue painter's tape on
                    damageable items, silver safety pins, or zip ties

                    Small items may be placed in ziplock bags with their tag and  sealed shut with clear packing

     Drop Off
          Drop off for all Consignors is Wednesday, September 18th from 8am-12:30pm

          Contact us at for early drop off inquiries

          Please sort your items by category, gender and size prior to drop off

          Upon arrival, please check in at the front desk

          We will review your items then direct you to the sales floor where you will place them according to
          the signs

          Please allow enough time to unload and place your items on the sales floor

          We reserve the right to refuse or pull any item from the sales floor at any point during the event

          We do not have space to store any bins, boxes, or bags.  Take them home with you but keep them
          handy for pickup!


     Pick up
          Pickup for all consignors is Saturday, September 21st from 6:30pm to 8pm

          There will be NO early pickups available

          If you are unavailable, you must make arrangements for someone to pick up your items during the
          pickup window

          We will not hold any items.  All items still in the building at the end of pickup window become the
          property of Three Little Wonders LLC and will be donated.  No exceptions.

          It is the seller's responsibility to check the Lost Items table.  Any items not claimed will be
          donated.  No exceptions.

          It is the seller's responsibility to check the pulled items rack and table.  Any items not claimed will
          be donated.  No exceptions.

          Your unsold item list will be available by 4:30pm.  Please bring a copy of this with you to check
          your items.  There will be no printing or computer available onsite.

          Once your items are collected and checked, please checkout at the front desk.

          You must review your inventory prior to leaving the building.   While we do our best to sort and
          check your items, there could be mixups. 

          Be kind to your fellow consignors and double-check our work before you leave the building.  Do not
          take something that belongs to another consignor.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           If you decide at the end of the sale to donate any remaining items instead of picking them up,
          please let us know via text or email


          All payments will be by check sent in the mail

          All payments will be given to the bank within 72 hours of the sale.  The Bank will then process the
          payments according to their schedule - usually within a week or two. 

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