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Consignor Home Decor">Consignor Home Decor


     Home décor includes items that may be used to decorate or furnish your home, playroom, nursery   
     Please choose QUALITY items that you would consider purchasing at a consignment sale

     We reserve the right to pull any item from the sales floor that is deemed inappropriate or unacceptable

     Please contact us if you have a question about the acceptability of an item at

     Home Décor items should be:
          CURRENT styles, trends and brands
          Quality, like-new condition
          Free from chips, scratches, stains, tears, holes or excessive wear
          Free from offensive odors such as mustiness, pet, or smoke, etc.
          Free of food/crumbs
          Contain all pieces
          Safe and in working order

    Home Décor includes items such as:
          Wall Art and Frames
          Shelf Décor
          Small furniture items
          Decorative pillows
          Lamps with shades
          Small appliances
          Kitchen items
          Antique and Vintage items (not chipped, broken or otherwise in bad shape that affect usefulness)
          Like new, in style Holiday Décor
    Home Décor does NOT include:
         Collectible figurines
         Vacation mementos
         Outdated décor
         Outdated Holiday items
         Generic glass vases
         Flea market wares
         Single mugs, mismatched kitchen items
         Sheets, bed pillows, towels, shower curtains unless brand new and in original condition/packaging
         Plastic resin furniture
         Books that do not pertain to current decorating, home maintenance, crafting or cooking
         Computers, printers, typewriters
         Large appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, grills, etc
         Lamps without lampshades
         Used luggage
         Lawn Equipment and garden accessories
         Beach gear and pool toys
         Items better suited for immediate donation

     Please follow the guidelines found on the Consignor Information page
     Only Barcoded tags are accepted
     Take extra care when affixing all tags with tape that may ruin the finish of the item.  Painter's tape is a      great option

    Please follow the guidelines found on the Consignor Information page

    Home Décor items are not guaranteed to be sorted.  
    Allow plenty of time to collect your items
    Please follow the guidelines found on the Consignor Information page

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